Previous Lectures

1990-1991 Nordic Milieus

1991-1992 The Nordic Periphery: Scandinavian Cultural Traditions in the New World

1992-1993 Links Across the Eastern Sea: Scandinavia and Balticum

1993-1994 A Nordic Potpourri: And Just When You Thought you Knew Everything About Scandinavia

1994-1995 The Nordic Periphery: Scandinavians in America

1995-1996 In the Shadow of Tyranny: Northern Europe 1939-1945

1996-1997 The Nordic Periphery: Artistic Links Across the Atlantic

1997-1998 Nomads, Vandals, and Vikings: Forays Into North European Prehistory

1998-1999 Practicing Artists: The Scandinavian Connection

1999-2000 Vikings, Adventurers and Scholars: Scandinavians in the World Beyond the North

2000-2001 Scandinavians in the World Beyond the North (cont.)

2001-2002 Scandinavian-America: Links with Home

2002-2003 Aspects of the Nordic Peoples

2004-2005 Many Paths Toward Freedom: Northern Europe 1800-1920

2005-2006 New Country, New Ways: Scandinavians in America